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The discussion of sex and humanness has continued on various blogs, including the following: The comments continue over at Halden's blog; Jason discusses marriage and sexuality; Adam had a cranky rant, but it led to some good discussion and clarification; Andy questions the whole idea of defining humanness (I really like this approach).

I cannot see that sex is about being 'Human' - Animals too have sex and for many of the same reasons and many of the same ways as we including pro-creation, pleasure, masturbation and homosexual sex. That sex exists is the way for the animal and much of the plant world to continue as God so ordained but sex itself is not what humanness is about.

The humanness that love defines is the humanness of the woman who bathed Jesus’ feet in her tears and “costly ointment” because of her love. The humanness that love defines is the humanness of the father who greeted his wayward, prodigal son with unconditional welcome when he .

Apr 17,  · 13) Countless systems of piety and theology have been born and endured—so much human suffering has resulted—because rational thought, the common sense by which we navigate our daily lives, has been ignored. Or should we say, common sense as tutored, brought to heel, and refined by rational thought.