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May 22,  · The ladies of Sex and the City didn't just have our dream jobs, or dream friends, or realistic trash boyfriends, but their style was the definition Author: Justine Carreon.

May 20,  · Revisit the early years of Sex and the City and view the fashion and outfits that made the greatest impact on American pop culture. the costume designers didn't have to stick with 9-to

Jul 23,  · An artist has counted the number of times every brand was mentioned in the US TV series Sex and the City for a video montage. names of a slew of now well-known designers head of fashion Author: Morwenna Ferrier.

"I wore suits for years and now I have a more glamorous look," says Nixon. "My own fashion has evolved too, because I now have a closetful of clothes from Sex and the City." Here, it's all about.