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Smiley Piercing: Pictures, Pros, Cons, Procedure, Care, Risks, More pros and cons of clitoris piercing

Jul 23,  · I'm wondering if there are more pros or more cons when it comes to a hood piercing. Do they increase sensitivity and in a good way? For years to come, or only for a little while? Do any of the clitoral nerve endings go into the hood covering or do they stop at the clit itself?

Jun 03,  · I found the piercing itself very uncomfortable. I had it done twice, and both times the sensation of the receiving tube against my clitoris nearly made me snap my legs shut on the piercer's head. Once the piercing was done, I found myself wincing the first week or so when the bar would shift and press strongly into the nerve bundle.

Jun 03,  · The pros and cons of genital piercings are going to vary dramatically from person to person. Some people get them for sexual reasons, others like the way they look, some women view it as "reclaiming" part of their body, and others just like having a secret piercing!Status: Open.

Jul 25,  · A smiley piercing goes through your frenulum, the small piece of skin connecting your upper lip to your upper gum. Although the procedure is relatively simple, the piercing isn’t suitable for Author: Kristeen Cherney.