- presentation sexual harassment in workplace


presentation sexual harassment in workplace

harassment in today’s workplace? •A. Sexual Harassment. Sexual Harassment and the Law • Both the federal and California governments have enacted laws that make it illegal for an employer to allow an employee to be subjected to discrimination, including sexual.

Types of harassment. Sexual Harassment. Quid Pro Quo Harassment. Hostile Work Environment. Bullying in the Workplace. Third-party Harassment. PPT Harassment takes many forms, some with which we may be familiar and those with which we’re not-so-familiar.

Dec 16,  · Sexual Harassment PowerPoint Presentation Content slides include topics such as: what is and is not sexual harassment, 6 types of sexual harassment, 10+ slides on various classes of harassment, 3 slides on who is the harasser, 3 slides on what sexual harassment causes, 10 slides on the complaint procedure, 10 slides on the consequences and.

Harassment of a Non-Sexual Nature • Non-sexual conduct may also be sexual harassment if you are harassed because you are female, rather than male, because you are male, rather than female, or because you are gender non-conforming. • For example, it may be sexual harassment if you are a woman working as a carpenter on an.