Can I file bankruptcy without my spouse? JC Law Group PC - lien strips apply to non-filing spouse


Community Discharge Protects Non-Filing Spouse lien strips apply to non-filing spouse

This is Latin and means “against property”. If the lien is stripped of as to the property, the non-filing spouse should be able to benefit from it. I can see however, a title company making problems about this question later on when you try to sell your house. I would advise to file jointly if a lien strip is planned.

At the time of filing (Filing spouse's name), was married to (Non-filing spouse's name). The bankruptcy case for (Filing spouse's name) listed all community assets as part of the bankruptcy estate. In this case the discharge operated as a community discharge where community claims were discharged for .

After Ch. 13 Discharge and lien strip, will co-borrower on loan & title be responsbile and can lien be stripped completely? My husband was a co-borrower for the 2nd mortgage that received the order.

This question refers to what is known as a “co-debtor stay.” In most Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, a co-debtor stay protects both the filing and non-filing spouse against all collections on joint debts during the bankruptcy. The catch is that co-debtor stays apply only to consumer Howard S. Levy, Esq.