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Home Insemination Guide how to insert sperm at home

How to Inseminate at Home Using Donor Sperm. For many women and couples, their first step toward parenthood with donor sperm is performing a home insemination. Some people find this to be a more comfortable and affordable method of conception compared to starting off in a clinical environment.

Repeat until the sperm is thawed. When the vial is close to body temperature, go about your insemination with whichever method you’ve chosen. Make sure not to get the sperm too warm — definitely do not use hot water (not only could it kill the sperm, but there is the potential of breaking the vial as well).

Other great resources for home insemination tips and advise: - one couple's take on how to inseminate at home using a known donor oneofhismoms - a great article written by a woman with an equally great blog. Great information on how to inseminate at 4/5(1).

How To Inseminate. Vaginal inseminations can be done with washed (IUI) or raw (ICI) vials. We will ship vials to your home. Retrieving and thawing the vials • Before retrieving the vial(s), please put on protective gloves of some kind (latex, gardening, or dishwashing gloves), as the vial(s) will initially be too cold to touch with your bare.