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The reason why I ask this is that a guy was rambling on about how happy was that he saw his friend's (girl) nipples so I am curious how a girl would feel in a similar situation seeing a guy's parts Assume you saw a guy friend's penis because you could see up his boxers. He doesn't know that you saw.

Jul 11,  · What goes through your head after seeing a guy friend's penis? What goes through your head after seeing a guy friend's penis? (eazye.infoen) I'm married now so the only penis I see, aside from my husband, is in Unrated movies. (Wanderlust, forgetting Sarah Marshall). I'm glad I had a little experience though because I know I married a well.

Feb 07,  · I was talking to my boyfriends friend because hes one of my best friends. My boyfriend has is very insecure and feels as though he could lose me. Since im best friends with his friend (im not attracted to his friend in anyway) he thinks that we have something going on so he tends to be over protective of me which i am fine with. But today his friend texted me when my boyfriend was at work Status: Open.

May 31,  · Best Answer: I saw my best friends dad's once. I was staying at his house for the weekend cause My parents were going away for two days, and his dad always wears boxer shorts to sleep. But the next morning me and my friend are on the couch waching tv and his dad comes in, and as soon as he sits down his Status: Open.