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How To Fix A Bent Penis. Anywhere the penis tissue is short or inelastic (surface or inside), will cause the penis to bend in that direction. To fix a bent penis you have to equal out the the length of the penis tissue all the way around the penis. And/or equal out the lengths of the Corpus cavernosum within the penis. It .

Fixing a Bent Penis (and medical disclaimer) Penis surgery to straighten your penis can be an expensive and risky affair and can cost around $6, - $15, While the above unconventional method to fix the bend in your penis isn’t medically proven, it has helped several men to .

Jun 29,  · A curved penis that has no scar tissue means that you are simply out of balance. That's all. Some of the tissue is longer than the rest. This causes your crooked erection. But, if your curved penis is causing you a lot of mental discomfort, you can stop worrying. The remedy is very very easy!

By Alex on In this comprehensive guide I will share everything you need to know to fix your curved penis. You will learn what women think about it, what may cause it and how to straighten it safely and effectively with science-backed methods that can be .