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First Nations peoples have extremely diverse cultures that are connected to their region and their own history. Their sacred rituals, shrouded in the mists of time, reflect an understanding of the universe in which their own origins are explained through Creation stories. These stories feature three.

Please be advised that the cash distribution of the TREATY PAYMENTS for HENVEY INLET FIRST NATION will be held at the HEALTH CENTRE on Tuesday, April 30th, between the hours of pm to pm. Read more Statement of the Votes. Henvey Inlet First March 21, To be completed by the Electoral Officer after the counting of the.

Grade 5, Language: Creation Stories – 09Where We All Come From 1 Creation Stories – Where We All Come From Students read and compare creation stories from various cultures. In groups, they prepare a story for a reader’s theatre presentation. Contact a local First Nation group, Friendship Centre, or Métis organization to invite.

A. Native Creation Myths Canada's First Nations peoples value a legacy of oral tradition that provides an account of each group's origins, history, spirituality, lessons of morality, and life skills. Stories bind a community with its past and future, and oral traditions reach across generations, from elder to child.