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FUPA - Fat Upper Pubic Area fat above vagina

Jan 06,  · A: First and foremost, when you ask yourself how to lose vagina fat you need to make a commitment to a full body workout. There is no way to lose only vagina fat; When you have fat located in this area of the body you no doubt have more excess fat throughout the rest of your body that must be dealt with as well/5.

Apr 24,  · Your photos show two different fat collections. One is the lower abdominal pooch below the umbilicus. The second in the Fat in the Upper Pubic Area, just above the penis, and below the crease where your underwear elastic indents your skin.

Ok, so you’re probably wondering what a “FUPA” is, right? It stands for Fat Upper Pubic Area or Fat Upper Private Area, or if you’re really raunchy, it stands for Fat Upper P****y Area. For women, it’s that area directly above your vagina but not quite your stomach. It makes your jeans Author: Derrick Lane.

Aug 08,  · When people mention a "fat vagina," they’re usually referring to the area above the labia (mons pubis). Sometimes, this extends higher to include Author: Corinne O'keefe Osborn.