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10 Different Types of Cells in the Human Body explanation how the sex cell and normal body cell difer

In contrast, body, or somatic, cells are the regular cells that form the organism’s tissues and organs. Somatic cells of sexual organisms have the diploid number of chromosomes, one set from each parent. Both cell types undergo mitosis, but only the primary reproductive cells, .

Sex cells differ from body cells in that they do not have a set of homologous chromosomes. Body cells have two copies of each chromosome while sex cells (or gametes) have only one set.

A normal body cell transfers to the testes and become a sex cell. By definition a sex cell has half the number of chromosomes. What is the difference between body cells and sex cells regarding.

Nov 23,  · Best Answer: Body cells range from doing work as a heart cell to being a liver cell. Body cells have 46 chromosomes. Sex cells are only used for reproduction. Sex cells have 23 chromosomes, so that they can be matched up with another sex cell to form a body eazye.info: Open.