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Dec 24,  · Yes, we are here. Us small cock guys. Watching you larger guys and wishing if only for a few days we had what you have. But we don't. So we make the best of it. But to my small cock buddies, has there ever been a time that you were a bit embarrassed or even humiliated by having a smaller cock? I will share just a few incidents. 1.

Aug 01,  · A free source of stories, photos, and more for men who enjoy small penis humiliation. Thursday, August 1, Internet Find: Embarrassing Penis Exposure Embarrassing Penis Exposure. I had the worst experience a couple weeks ago. I am 16 and I, for my age.

I Am So Embarrassed by My Small Penis Size By Athena. Dear Athena, My penis size is inches and my duration is short. How can I increase both? Small and Scared. To the Penis Posse,Author: Athena.

May 16,  · This is actually what happened to me, not some made up fantasy. I wake up from kidney surgery, it must've been quick as I'm rolled back to the observation area or whatever it's called. I feel pretty fine, not really disoriented I'm aware of everyt.