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Sex-Linkage in Drosophila: T.H. Morgan () for the first time discovered sex-linkage in Drosophila melanogaster. Morgan when experimenting noted the sudden appearance of one white-eyed male (mutant form) in the culture of normal red-eyed Drosophila. This .

Sex Linkage in Drosophila with examples and diagram by reciprocal cross, test cross and its Hunt Morgan () discovered sex linkage in fruit fly Drosophila.

Sex-Linked Genes in Drosophila melanogaster Edit Morgan's discovery that genes were located on chromosomes helped transform biology into an experimental science. Now, new methods have evolved to map the genes on chromosomes that are much more complicated than Morgan's breeding .

Apr 30,  · Drosophila melanogaster - Sex linkage and inheritance of genes through cross breeding Abstract This experiment looks at the relationship between genes, generations of a population and if genes are carried from one generation to another.