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Sexuality and Fertility in Men during Radiation Therapy (Ambulatory Care) - What You Need to Know dna of sperm and radiation therapy

Jun 19,  · DNA damage can happen after the first treatment. You can keep your sperm in a sperm bank before you begin treatment. What you need to know about fertility during and after radiation therapy: Work with healthcare providers to plan a pregnancy with your partner if you did not store sperm before treatment. You may be able to get your partner.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy have been linked to sperm DNA fragmentation, and further investigation is needed to determine if this is a long-term or even permanent side-effect of some cancer Bgilbert.

Mar 31,  · Exposure to radiation or X-rays. Exposure to radiation can reduce sperm production. It can take several years for sperm production to return to normal. With high doses of radiation, sperm production can be permanently reduced. Overheating the testicles. Frequent use of saunas or hot tubs may temporarily lower your sperm count.

External beam radiation therapy of the pelvis, hip, femur (upper long bone of the leg), bladder, and prostate may expose the testes or ovaries to radiation. While it is possible to shield the testes for some of these radiation procedures, the radiation dose from scattered radiation could still be quite high.