Sex Addiction and Codependency - codependency and sexual addictions


Breaking the Pattern of Love Addiction codependency and sexual addictions

Jan 29,  · Sex addiction and codependency are destructive forces in a relationship that damage each person’s mental well-being. For those who can recognize that there is a problem and seek professional treatment, there is hope and a possibility of recovery.

Sep 22,  · Codependency, Trauma and Addiction. The roots of codependency in many people go back to childhood and traumatic experiences. Many codependents had bad experiences as kids. This could include physical or sexual abuse, emotional abuse, parental neglect, or having parents addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Codependency and sexual addiction: it can occur in several destructive ways. One person in a relationship is codependent on the other, and chooses to ignore their sexual addiction. Another person with sexual addiction is codependent on others for a sense of security and acts out sexually due to the stress. The cycle of codependent relationships [ ].

dict," "codependent to sexual addiction" or “sexual codependent.” For others, “sex-addiction family member” or simply “co-addict” fits best. One of the most difficult aspects of what we call co-sex addiction or sexual codependency, is grasping and facing the truth of our own condition.