Bush's Misuse of Science : Distorting Scientific Knowledge on Reproductive Health Issues - bush policies and condoms


Bush accused of Aids damage to Africa | World news | The Guardian bush policies and condoms

But the charges were disputed by the Ugandan government and an official of President Bush's emergency plan for AIDS relief, known as PEPFAR. The plan emphasizes a policy Author: Lawrence K. Altman, New York Times.

– President George W. Bush, 3/8/ Following the attacks of September 11, , President Bush took the fight to the enemy to defeat the terrorists and protect America. The President deployed all elements of national power to combat terrorism, which had previously .

In addition to the balanced, evidenced-based ABC (Abstain, Be faithful, and correct and consistent use of Condoms) approach, the United States also supports programs that address mother-to-child transmission, blood safety and safe medical injections, male circumcision, injecting drug users, HIV-discordant couples, alcohol abuse, and other key issues.

Yet Bush threatened countries with trade and aid reprisals if they didn‘t toe the no-condoms, abstinence-only, anti-abortion line in the vote to weaken the U.N.’s commitment to providing Author: Doug Ireland.