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Hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids (painful swelling of a vein or veins at the anus) are a common problem affecting up to 25% of American adults. They are usually caused by straining during bowel movements. Heavy lifting and childbirth are also common causes. They can cause discomfort when sitting down (pressure on the hemorrhoids).

Straining to pass stool because of constipation can also make defecation painful. Even just eating spicy foods can irritate your anus causing burning diarrhea and a burning sensation during or after a bowel movement. If your anus hurts when you poop, you may have .

OVERVIEW Anal pain can occur before, during, or after a bowel movement. It can range from a mild ache that can get worse over time to pain that is bad enough to restrict daily activities. Anal pain has many causes, most of which are common and treatable. However, if anal pain does not go away within 24 to 48 hours, it is important to see your physician.

Anal fissures can be very painful, but many heal on their own in a few weeks. Eating more fibre, drinking plenty of fluids and taking laxatives and over-the-counter painkillers can help. If the pain persists, you may need special ointment that relaxes the ring of muscle around your anus. Occasionally, you may need surgery to help the fissure heal.