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Oct 30,  · We have just completed an analysis of 10 years () of data on all older adults who died by suicide in 16 states. These findings can help us take steps to prevent suicide.

Suicide at any age is a tragedy for the individual, his or her family and friends, and the communities of which they are a part. At a population level suicide is also a major public health problem, accounting for over 34, deaths each year in the United States (1) and an estimated one million or Cited by:

Suicide is an important problem among older adults. Suicide rates are particularly high among older men, with men ages 85 and older having the highest rate of any group in the country. 1 Suicide attempts by older adults are much more likely to result in death than among younger persons. Reasons include.

Figure 8 shows that % of adults age 18 and older in the United States attempted suicide in Among adults across all age groups, the prevalence of suicide attempts in the past year was highest among adults aged (%).