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I’m A Year-Old Virgin & It’s Awesome 22 year old virgin

Hell, everyone in the theater probably knows. It’s only a matter of time before the stranger six rows ahead of you turns around and shouts for everyone to hear, “hey look, we got us a virgin in the room!” You dread the inevitable jeers and laughter. 7. Every song you’ve ever loved is about sex.

Hey there. I'm a 22 year old (23 in December) male and being a virgin depresses me to such an extent that it's hindering me from getting on with life; I spend so much of my time masturbating on a consistent basis and easily get distracted due to sexual-frustration.

Jun 10,  · Most men don't care if a 22 year old woman is a virgin. Now, if you are waiting for marriage, that's an entirely different story-most men probably wont date you.

I may seem old-fashioned and prudish, but I think waiting can be just as sexy as getting it on with your significant other. If you love having sex, that’s awesome and I hope you continue with what makes you happy! However, here’s why I’m proud of being a virgin.