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20 and still a virgin?!!? by Ankur Dahiya 20 and still a virgin

20 and still a virgin?!!? book. Read 10 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. I am lying on a not so comfortable bed in a dilapidated o /5.

I'm 20 year old girl close to finishing my first year at university (I took a gap year) and I'm still a virgin. This didn't bother me at all when I first came to university as sex wasn't something that was openly discussed between me and my friends at home.

I'm turning 19 in a month and I'm still a virgin. It's a great thing to hold on to though I've heard it's overrated. I'm not necessarily waiting until marriage but I'm waiting for a guy who I truly love and who truly loves eazye.info I'd be pissed if I did it with some guy who turned out to be a real asshole who wanted that from the get go after I waited all those years lol.

There is nothing wrong in still be a virgin. am also a boy of 20years old i'm still a virgin and there is nothing wrong with these some people may think that you are an oldball that u did not socialize but dont worry there is joy in waiting. Sex before marriage is like open a gift before it has be given to you.