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American Indians have used fetishes throughout recorded history. Fetish carvings are believed to hold magical powers and protect the owner or craftsmen from various problems of mind or body. The Zuni Indian Fetish must be taken care of and are given offerings of cornmeal and kept in special turquoise encrusted fetish pots or pouches.

Zuni Fetish Gallery is your #1 location for Zuni fetishes Hand Carved by Zuni artisans. Shop fetishes by depicted animal, Zuni artisan or newest carvings.

Zuni bear fetish. Zuni wolf fetish. carved by a variety of well known Zuni carvers, true Zuni fetishes do not leave the village and are blessed by a Shaman or Medicine Man and used by the carver himself or a special recipient. The artist's styles are as unique as the artists themselves, and there are many whose works are highly sought after.

Biographies of the Zuni fetish carving artists whose work we are pleased to offer at Sunshine Studio. Families include Leekya, Quam, Quandelacy, Boone, Eriacho, Laiwakete, and many others. Prominent artists include Troy Sice, Ray Tsalate, Travis Lasiloo, Jeff Shetima, Loren Tsalabutie, Jimmy Yawakia, and Dee Edaakie.