The Roots of Muslim Rage: Why so many Muslims deeply resent the West, and why their - why are the arabs pissed off


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Feb 02,  · How to piss off an Arab. Photo: Faizal Riza MOHD RAF. Arabs will never take no for an answer, so let’s not argue about it. Just allow me to pay the bill and next time you want to meet up tell me it’s your treat beforehand. “Where the black-gold money at?” Ha-ha. eazye.infod Location: San Francisco.

Feb 21,  · Firstly, I am not an arab. I have worked with arabs and malaysians for the past ten years, I have yet to see some one angry at me. I have seen people who are angry, and generally pissed off, but that is under the influence of one thing or Open.

Dec 10,  · But what I cannot understand is why people of Middle Eastern origin are so "angry" and "hot headed". I realized that anger and hostility are universal, not just "Arab" traits. But based on what I deal with and hear on a constant daily basis, I'll say that the Arabs are the most "hot-headed" every time.

Dec 05,  · What is the threat from moving an embassy? The threat is that Muslims will get pissed off. And the top politicians in the EU have incorporated the fear of irrational Muslims into their foreign and security policies. So Angela Merkel has personally intervened with European countries to .