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Other articles where Virginitas in partu is discussed: Mary: Dogmatic titles: course of his birth (the virginitas in partu) and the doctrine that she had remained a virgin after his birth and until the end of her life (the virginitas post partum). The Apostles’ Creed appears to teach at least the virginitas in partu when it says “born of the Virgin.

THE VIRGINITY OF OUR LADY IN PARTU: The Painless, Miraculous Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ "In union with the whole Church we celebrate that day when Mary without loss of her virginity gave the world its Savior." - Communicantes to Eucharistic Prayer I for the Octave of Christmas.

Mar 15,  · In my post on the virginitas in partu, I cited prophetic text of Isaiah and its fulfillment text in Matthew “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son.” I contented that these texts clearly prove not only Mary’s ante partum virginity but also her in partu eazye.info: Fix mE.

The Theology of the Virginity In Part11 felt by some, I take to be the specifically biological aspect of the doctrine of the tlirginitas in partu. Yet, if we are to believe what we pray, and if we understand the historical development of the.