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Adult Protective Services Specialists help to protect vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect and exploitation. They help end abuse by matching the needs of the person, with community partners in their area. Partners like mental health, public health, law enforcement, the courts, the aging network, community groups and the public.

Adult Protective Services Locations Report Mistreatment of a Senior or Person With a Disability. Click on a pushpin for the Regional Office Information. Click on a county to view Specialists for that County. Adult Protective Services Staff Directory Document.

Departments. The Departments and Divisions that make up County government strive to make Flathead County a safe, healthy, and fulfilling place to live, work and play, by providing vital services to the community. From enjoying books and scenic parkland to receiving social services and peace officer protection. View this as an alphabetized list.

In addition to estate planning, our clinics include professionals from Veteran’s Benefits, Victim’s Services, Adult Protective Services, and other senior-services organizations. We provide you with an opportunity to get your affairs in order, ask questions, and safeguard .