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Jan 03,  · MQ’s favorite cock ring and all time best-seller on the MQ Store, The Pro Sensual XL Adjustable Cock Ring Set is a great beginner ring because it lets you gradually ease into a tighter feel and gives you the most control.. The quick release button helps to lock in your size and tightness, but also can quickly be removed or loosened when you are in a pinch.

Mar 22,  · The Tor 2 vibrating cock ring from Lelo shows that people of all genders can enjoy cock rings, not just men and heterosexual couples. Here's my experience trying it with a strap-on dildo and Author: Sophie Saint Thomas.

Feb 10,  · What is the LELO Tor 2 Penis Ring? Lelo Tor 2 Comes in 3 Different Colors. We thought the name given to this toy by the LELO brand was a bit unfitting, especially considering how we got more out of using it than our partners did. The TOR2 is a smooth, silicone cock ring that vibrates at various speeds. It is meant to be stimulating to both Author: John James.

Before connecting to the electrical network, be sure to check that there are no drops of water or grease left on the ring socket. The LELO brand offers Penis rings TOR ™ 2 with different types of control panels: with 1, 2, 3, and 4 mode buttons.