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Tonsillectomy Risks vs. Benefits: Is It Worth It? tonsillectomy older adults

Apr 02,  · Tonsillectomy Might Be Worth It for Some Adults. Finnish study found fewer sore throats after surgery, less time lost from work or schoolAuthor: Healthday.

Apr 10,  · Complications common for adults after tonsillectomy. Kathryn Doyle. 7 Min Read. NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Adults have a high rate of complications after getting their tonsils removed, so Author: Kathryn Doyle.

Continued Risks and Complications in Adults. A tonsillectomy is considered a safe procedure for adults. However, all surgery comes with risks. A report found that 1 in 5 adults who had their Author: Kelli Miller.

Oct 17,  · Most doctors are still against administering a tonsillectomy to adults. I first asked for a tonsillectomy at 19, and my doctor flat-out refused. Many adults will go through the same experience, as the surgery can be risky, and recovery is quite painful. However, if you're already suffering from bouts of strep throat per year, it'd be worth Reviews: