How Do You Identify German Beer Mugs or Steins? | - stamps on bottom of stein


How Can I Identify My German Beer Stein? | stamps on bottom of stein

Interior of the Stein. Look at the inside of the stein while holding it up to sunlight. German beer steins will have a lithophane on the bottom. However, the presence of a lithopane doesn’t mean it is an old stein. If the picture contains any nudity or provocative scenes, it is a new stein.

~ Your Stein: Old or New? ~ This is a composite of two earlier articles authored by SCI Master Steinologists Liselotte Lopez and Les Paul, corrections regarding import laws by John McGregor, with editing, photos and photo captions by Walt Vogdes.

The most comprehensive collection of Stein Marks available, compiled by Chris Wheeler. Die vollständigste Sammlung von Marken auf Bierkrügen, zusammengestellt von Chris Wheeler. Beer Steins, Beersteins, Stein Collectors, Stein Information, Stein Makers, Stein Identification, Stein backstamps, German Beer Steins.

Find the beer stein mark. Carefully examine the stein to find identifying marks. Look for incised marks impressed into the clay as the stein dried or ink marks stamped on the stein afterwards. Check the back of the handle if the bottom of the stein doesn't have a mark. Review images of .