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Damages in Sexual Harassment Cases Sexual harassment consists of sexual advances that the actor knows or has reason to know are unwelcome. Generally, sexual harassment can only occur after the first advance, i.e., upon the actor learning of the victim’s sexual disinterest. The victim must actively communicate that the advance is Jason Cheung.

If you are successful in your sexual harassment claim, the amount you can get in financial compensation (called “damages”) depends on what sort of harm you’ve suffered because of the sexual harassment. Some types of damages, including back pay and front pay, are designed to compensate you for wages that you lost as a result of being sexually Serena Lipski.

Damages for Sexual Harassment A recent EEOC decision helps to better define the amount of compensatory damages appropriate when an employee who has been victimized by discrimination or harassment suffers certain kinds of harm as a result.

Damages or Remedies for Sexual Harassment Several different types of remedies are available under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act if you prevail in your sexual harassment claim, including: Back pay – the lost pay and benefits you would have received absent the adverse personnel action (e.g., salary from the date of a termination or demotion until the date of the trial);.