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Sensory Profile™ Adolescent/Adult (SENSORY PROFILE™) sensory profile adult

The Sensory Profile family of products includes the best-selling Sensory Profile, Infant/Toddler Sensory Profile, Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile, Sensory Profile School Companion and Sensory Profile 2. The expansive age-range of Sensory Profile products allows you to confidently evaluate sensory-related difficulties in clients, from birth to.

Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile® helps measure sensory processing patterns and effects on functional performance. An individual answers questions regarding how he or she generally responds to sensations, as opposed to how he or she responds at any given time.

Available on Q-global! Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile Q-global - Full Report ; The Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile was developed to assess sensory processing abilities in individuals beyond childhood. Applicable in a variety of typical settings, such as schools, clinics, and programs that use client-centered practices, it is designed to promote self-evaluation of behavioural responses to.

Coefficient alpha, factor analysis, and correlations of items with subscales determined item reliability, using data from adult sensory profiles. A subsample of 20 adults furnished skin conductance data. A heterogeneous group of 93 adults completed the revised Adult Sensory Profile, and item reliability was reexamined. by: