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Read LEMON from the story Kakashi x Sasuke LEMON by mindgears (~Mindgears~) with 21, followed the trail to where his senpai would be training h Reviews:

Lemon: Sasuke One on one. Rated: Mature, Explict *Shower running* Sasuke sat there peacefully in the boys locker room open showers. It was late, so nobody would wondering around and see him there. Besides who would take a shower at this time anyways. Knowing this Sasuke spread his legs apart and made him self comfortable.

MyPervyThoughts (Sasuke Uchiha Reader Lemon) K Reads 38 Votes 2 Part Story. By the_pervet_ Completed. Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. Sasukes POV Me, Sakura,Naruto, and Y/N are hanging out I was standing right next to Y/N I really like her she's so hot I wish I could be inside her probably any guy would want to get into Reviews:

Follow/Fav Rose Petals Sasuke one shot LEMON. By: AmTheLion. smell of the roses and the sticky feeling of the petals stuck to your skin along with the rhythmic breath escaping Sasukes lips as he fucks you, makes you more excited than you thought was possible. He increases the pace and thrust harder into you just as he hits your spot.