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Samuel Burl Kinison (/ ˈ k ɪ n ɪ s ən /; December 8, – April 10, ) was an American stand-up comedian and actor. A former Pentecostal preacher, he performed stand-up routines that were most often characterized by an intense style, similar to charismatic preachers, and punctuated by his distinct scream.

Dec 20,  · Sam Kinison was widely known for his grotesque comedy and his animal-like presence on the stage. But he was a troubled person off-stage, with drug problems like no other. Recently, Sam Kinison’s documentary titled I am Sam Kinison aired on Spike TV. It spoke about Sam Kinison’s accident and death. So, when did Sam Kinison die?

Jul 22,  · It was April 10, , when famed comedian Sam Kinison was on his way to Laughlin, Nevada to perform at a sold-out show in his Pontiac Trans Am. Out of nowhere a pickup truck driven by a year-old crossed the center lane and slammed Author: Jen Engevik.

Apr 12,  · Sam Kinison, a former tent preacher who gained fame as a shrieking and often insulting stand-up comedian, was killed Friday night in a head-on automobile crash on a Author: Bruce Lambert.