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For a low monthly price, enjoy 24/7 access to the finest shows and movies for adults on Playboy TV channel and Playboy TV on Demand! Playboy TV brings you the sexy fun that guys have come to love, mixed with the right amount of romance and reality for her.

Mar 10,  · We have no Adult on Demand on our system, and I can't find the Playboy category in ANY of the regular on demand menu's off of channel 1. They must be more prudes in Berks County.

Solved: How do I subscribe to adult channel ten - I live in zip code , and while On Demand in X1 shows the option to subscribe to a variety of adult channels directly from the menu, when attempting to do so it refers me to the website under My Account to make programming changes.

Does comcast offer any other adult channels on a monthly subscription other than the playboy channel in zip ? Or anywhere else I suppose too. ;) - Are there any adult "On Demand Subcriptions" available in the area code of Fairfield, CA? Movies > Adult > By Brand (HD) > Hustler > Hustler Subscription Movies > Adult.