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Different types of minimum wage rates has more information on the different types of minimum wage rates: adult, starting-out and training. Exceptions and exemptions. There are some exceptions to the application of the Minimum Wage Act and a small number of people with a disability hold an exemption permit from the minimum wage.

Minimum wage. There are 3 types of minimum wage — adult, starting-out and training. The adult minimum wage is $ an hour before tax if you're 16 years or older. If you're under 16 there's no minimum wage. When you turn 16 you must be paid minimum wage, either adult, starting-out or training.

The minimum wage applies to all hours worked. There is no minimum hours requirement. For example, an employee who works only 2 hours at a time must still get the minimum wage for each of these hours, unless the employee and employer have agreed to a higher rate in the employment agreement.

Minimum Wages in New Zealand increased to NZD/Hour in from NZD/Hour in Minimum Wages in New Zealand averaged NZD/Hour from until , reaching an all time high of NZD/Hour in and a record low of NZD/Hour in In New Zealand, minimum wage refers to the lowest gross wage per hour and normally is increased every year.