Cat Anal Gland Problems: How to Identify and Treat Them - kittens medical swollen anus cause


kittens medical swollen anus cause

A vet explains why your kitten’s anus is swollen and irritated: MANY possible causes. This could be due to quite a few possible causes that then indirectly lead to anal irritation and swelling. The most likely cause is “scooting.” This is when a cat (or kitten) drags its behind along the floor or ground.

Diagnosis of Protrusion of the Rectum and Anus in Cats After you bring your cat into a veterinary clinic or animal hospital, the veterinarian will need to perform a complete physical examination. This will include visual confirmation of the symptoms present followed by a rectal exam.

Continued 4. Tapeworms. One of the most common feline health problems inside your cat, tapeworms live in kitty's small intestine and sometimes grow as long as 2 feet. that said, tapeworms are segmented and usually break apart when expelled. It's very unlikely to see a full worm. You will usually see the segments. Symptoms of a tapeworm infection can be subtle but may include vomiting and Author: Wendy C. Fries.

Jan 25,  · My kitten is all swollen by her anus/rectum it looks very sore and painful, what could be the cause and what is the - Answered by a verified Cat Vet my kittens anus is sticking out and all red. (medical, legal, veterinary, financial, etc.), or to establish a professional-client relationship. The site and services are provided "as is.