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Thursday, July 24, ADULT BABY WORLD-INFANTILISM. Posted by Ms Piper at AM 1 comment: Thursday, July 17, PIPER'S WORLD OF INFANTILISM. & dream of wearing your diapers. sucking on bottles and passifiers, playing with toys and wearing cute little adult baby sleepers.

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The Adult Baby Source Family Album. Uploaded 19th July 57 pics | Video. Brand NEW adult baby. 01 - Another brand new adult baby. Felicity's friend Breeanna was visiting her from the other side of the country for a few days. We were there to catch all the action. 71 pics | Video.

Jul 24,  · Monthly Archives: July let’s get personal. July 24, I was under the impression that they had some sort of Adult Baby representation, but unfortunately it was their previous installation “Kink” that was totally focused on fetishism, something I would have Monthly Archives: July