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7 High-Design Adult Toys That Show Us The Future Of Sex innovative adult toys

Check out some of the tantalizing sex toys and adult products on display at the AVN Awards product expos, from self-thrusting dildos to vibrators that heat up as you use Lynsey G.

Most Innovative Companies. 7 High-Design Adult Toys That Show Us The Future Of Sex. the discussion about sex toys has shifted from whispers at brunch to, well, an actual conversation. Author: Diana Budds.

Mar 17,  · 23 Innovative Adult Toys That Won't Send You to the ER. Sandra Winn — March 17, — Naughty. In what could easily be turned into a segment on a “World’s Stupidest People” type of television show.

Well, yes. But sex toys have an almost mainstream side as well. Witness the sight of Kris Jenner in an award winning adult shop, resplendent in a black leather mask, being led on a leash by nearly-ex Bruce Jenner, and you get the idea (more of that later). Here are 15 kinky, award winning sex toys, most of which won't break the Astoria Starr.