- how to indoctrinate young adults


how to indoctrinate young adults

Sep 11,  · They passively allow leftists to indoctrinate our kids to become young adult leftist sleeper-cell operatives. we have young adults in positions of .

There were, in fact, several organizations under this umbrella: The German Young People, which covered boys aged 10–14, and the Hitler Youth itself from 14– Girls were taken into the League of Young Girls from 10–14, and the League of German Girls from 14– There was also the "Little Fellows" for children aged 6–

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Nov 07,  · We indoctrinate young children all the time in all sorts of areas, not just religion. We teach them to recite the alphabet as well as numbers, and all sorts of other things when they are small. As they grow, we might drill multiplication tables and grammar rules .