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A lot carnival games are targeted at kids, with good reason. Adults bring their kids to carnivals so that they can hop on rides, play games and win prizes. Carnivals used to be full of adult attractions, though, and there are plenty of adult-oriented carnival games to get those moms and dads to .

Carnival Party Game prizes Then you can set up one big prize stall where they can redeem their tokens at the end. You can stock the prize table with a whole range of different size prizes and treats with different values (ie a large plush toy could be 10 tokens, whereas smaller items might need only .

Apr 09,  · From here it is an adult only show and I share some of that experience with you. This cruise is ending and it has been a ride. We are happy you have enjoyed our videos and we plan on sharing more Author: skilled slayerz.

Sep 28,  · Does Carnival have a fun adult game like Quest on Royal Caribbean? I have not been on a Carnival cruise in almost 20 years and will be sailing in January on the Dream and Im wondering if we will have an opportunity to participate in something like that. Thanks!