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Club Kickin: This is the official patch from the popular Club Kickin dream. It includes lazer lights, modified from Raithen's Furcadia Live! patch, fog makers, gray appliances, tables, festively colored chairs, balloons, and fish tanks from Merle's The Beat patch. Also comes with a eazye.info that changes the appearance of your Furcadia screen.

Free Patches for Furcadia Dreams Here are some patches I made that are sure to spice up any dream. The usual rules apply, please credit me somewhere in your dream or website if you plan on using them. No matter how much you edit them, I am still the original artist.

Furrabian Nights. Furrabian Nights is an exotic city built on terraces of a hill. This is an Adult 18+ environment for sexual content and crude language. Children under 18, or anyone playing a character under 18, are not allowed eazye.info players upload their own Dreams in this area, which can be found in .

"Ever wanted to roll a pair of dice in a dream by actually rolling a pair of dice instead of using the Furcadia roll command? These patches and DS routines will do it, and you can put them in any dream just by copying the patch files and DS coding, and placing a few new floors spaces and objects." - .