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The World Beard and Moustache Championships are the pinnacle of facial hair competition – this is the story of a young lad from Wiltshire, who gave up shaving one day and made it to the big time.

TOP 15 BEARD STYLES FOR MEN. TOP 15 BEARD STYLES FOR MEN. Different face shapes should highlight certain facial features—not every style looks great on every guy. Here’s how to choose the right style for your face. A vertical line of hair across the chin. CHIN STRAP STYLE BEARD. A beard with no mustache that circles the chin.

Nov 30,  · Fashion Food Recipes Love & sex Female facial hair: if so many women have it, why are we so deeply ashamed? Female facial hair a series Author: Mona Chalabi.

Sep 16,  · Tired of envying other people's beards? Here's how to get (and maintain) the any of the different facial hair styles that are right for you, and your face shape. Keep reading for our list of Author: Alex Bracetti.