Facial Sweating and Blushing - ets for facial blushing


Stop blushing with ETS - The Blushers Manual ets for facial blushing

ETS surgery can be effective against chronic facial blushing. For more information or questions call the Center for Hyperhidrosis at ()

ETS is mostly used for people who have very sweaty hands, but it is also used as a way to stop blushing due to Erythrophobia. When I went to the neurologist I had read and believed that the surgery was reversible. I knew about some of the side effects like, you can’t sweat above the nipple line and the possibility of having an eyelid droop.

ETS stands for Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathectomy and it means cutting sympathetic nerve or removing a sympathetic ganglion. The operation interrupts the overactive sympathetic nerves that cause excessive sweating and facial blushing. These nerves are located in the chest cavity next to the spine. The operation is done under general anesthesia.

Dr. Reisfeld recommends against ETS as a surgical option for facial blushing and or facial sweating. Dr. Reisfeld at present advises all patients to try other conservative options in place of surgery. The different conservative modalities include medications such as the anticholinergic drugs .