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Virgin TV V6 guides. Get the full lowdown on what your new Virgin TV V6 box can do, as well as a step-by-step guide on self-installing with QuickStart. Virgin TV V6 User Guide > Virgin TV V6 QuickStart Guide for New Customers > Virgin TV V6 QuickStart Guide for Existing Customers >.

Aug 01,  · New Smart TV - how does this interact with Virgin V+ cable set top box 4th Jan 16 at AM #1 ; Am looking at buying a new LG42LFV Smart tv. How would this connect into and be used with our existing Virgin cable V+ box which is currently connected to our existing fairly basic tv? I assume I would need a Freeview tuner box to connect.

Virgin TV V6 box included with selected bundles. New customers taking their first Virgin TV V6 will not be charged extra. Customers wishing to upgrade or take an additional V6 will be charged an upfront fee of £, but the £35 set up fee applies. New Ultimate Oomph customers get second Virgin TV V6 box for free (plus £35 set up fee).

With a Virgin TV V6 box you can also watch recording on a mobile device using Virgin TV Control. See Using Virgin TV Control for details on how to watch recordings on your mobile device. You’ll also need to make sure the standby settings on your Virgin TV V6 box are set to either Connected Low Power or Always On, otherwise other Virgin TV V6.