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Jul 25,  · Bernard Jensen Complexion Soft Brush Soft Bernard Jensen Complexion Soft Brush is an an ideal brush to use to get rid of all the dust and girt from your body. It has a nice wooden covering that gives you a royal feeling. This brush comes with soft bristles that is easy on your skin/5(31).

Jul 16,  · Facial Cleansing Brush Face Care Skin A beautiful wooden brush with long natural bristles to clean and help exfoliate your eazye.info bristles is fineness,full of count bristles,soft and comfortabl for use. Handle deigned with wooden,natural wooden is easy and convenient for handle for cleaning face. Deep Cleaning Facial Pores/5(4).

This soft bristle complexion brush is a perfect addition to your skincare routine. It works especially well before a steam or warm shower. This high-quality palm-sized complexion brush features soft, natural tampico fiber bristles that are densely packed, making it ideal for toning facial skin.

Earth Therapeutic's redesigned complexion brush with a protective cap now comes with even softer bristles to cleanse the dead skin cells that can clog your pores and dull your complexion. The extra gentle bristles of this facial brush exfoliates away dead skin cells, leaving skin fresh and healthy/5().