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One of the most important recent developments in comparative adult education (CAE) has been the formation in of the Committee for Study and Research in Comparative Adult Education (CSRCAE), jointly founded by the International Council of Adult Education and the International Congress of University Adult Education. The Committee continues to be active in a number of ways: through a .

Comparative education is a discipline in the social sciences which entails the scrutiny and evaluation of different educational systems, such as those in various countries. Professionals in this area of endeavor are absorbed in advancing evocative terminologies and guidelines for education worldwide, enhancing educational structures and producing a context to which the success and effectivity.

Comparative research, however informal, is as old as history. Comparative adult education in the relatively more formal sense is only a few decades old. Barring some commendable exceptions, the paradigm adopted in comparative education and comparative adult education has towed international political boundaries. Since beliefs and values play an important role in determining people's attitudes.

This document contains 24 papers from the 19International Society for Comparative Adult Education (ISCAE) conferences. The following papers are included: "International and Comparative Adult Education" (Jost Reischmann); "Development and Fundamental Principles of International and Comparative Adult Education" (Joachim H. Knoll); "Comparative Adult Education: Some Reflections .