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Fishbein sold the magazine in , but he still maintains an interest in film fornication, as is evident in his most recent project: “X-Rated: the Greatest Adult Movies of Author: David Moye.

When we started shooting our documentary, X-Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time, our goal was to prove that there are exceptions to the rule that all porn films are embarrassing, cheesy, most of them are; but there are a few examples of real narrowed it down to 32 for the final film, but of those, the below movies are my personal top five best adult movies ever.

Below – Best Adult Movies of all Time New Wave Hookers – Watch Now This first erotic film from the adult movies list was directed by Gregory Dark, who has also been directed one of the finest movies like “See No Evil” and sex movies such as “Secret Games and Part 3”.

Sep 20,  · Will quality adult fare enrich, arouse and inflame a couple’s sexual heat? It’s an absolute must amongst the criteria I applied to my ‘The Ten Best Adult Films of All Time.’ Savvy men are renting and buying those videos and films that cause an erotic responsive chord in women.