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Understanding the motivation adults have to learn as well as the most effective methods to teach them is critical to the success of your training programs, so here are five tips for improving your internal training programs and engaging participants. 1. Get them involved.

Oct 03,  · 11 Tips to Engage and Inspire Adult Learners In this article, I'll highlight 11 adult learner tips that will give you the ability to engage and inspire adult learners, as well as to overcome the obstacles that are often associated with educating or training adult Christopher Pappas.

adult-learning techniques. Malcolm Knowles championed the word “Andragogy. Andragogy focuses on adult learning strategies and centers attention on the process of engaging adult learners within the structure of the learning experience. Below are links to various articles on Adult Learning principles that may help you as you.

This module is addressed at IM trainers who have not received so far specialized training on adult training methodology. The module presents the characteristics of the adult learner, principles of adult training and effective techniques for leading and managing the adult classroom. At the end of this module, the trainer should be able to.