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Adults who suffer from attachment disorders most often experience fear and sadness. They deeply desire love and affection, but are unable to portray these desires effectively. Negative experiences in childhood lead them into denial and they fail to understand emotions such as love and eazye.info: Puja Lalwani.

Aug 28,  · Adults with an attachment disorder are at risk of raising children to have the disorder as well. The treatment of attachment disorder in adults involves therapy and, possibly, sessions with a psychiatrist. Often, the therapy involves both group and individual counseling.

Sep 17,  · The fear and sadness that accompanies reactive attachment disorder in adults is very common. These adults crave affection and love from others, but have trouble reaching out to others. Because of negative emotional experiences when they were young, they don’t understand what love and attachment truly is.

Attachment disorder is generally only diagnosed in children, but attachment styles learned during childhood can play a big role in how you connect with others as an adult. Learn more about Author: Crystal Raypole.