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TABE and TASC Test for Adult Assessment. TABE® is the most comprehensive and reliable academic assessment product in adult basic education. Educators use TABE testing to provide a solid foundation for effectively assessing the skills and knowledge of adult learners.

How to Read TABE Test Scores. The resulting scale and grade equivalent scores are used to place you in adult basic education classes suited to your ability levels and/or determine your.

TABE stands for “Test of Adult Basic Education”. The TABE test is used primarily by technical schools, trade schools and some colleges to help them assess a student’s academic readiness. The standard TABE test covers reading, math and language. Schools will use your scores on the TABE test to determine whether you are ready for their.

middle of the Score Range on the pre-test, you will want to administer the same level post-test, using form Example: A learner with a grade equivalent of on TABE 9 Reading Level M pre-test has plenty of room to show gain on a Level M post-test. Next Level. A student who scores near the top end of the valid range on the pretest may be given.