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Incontinence Swimwear is designed to protect against faecal incontinence, and can be worn by both adults and children. Our range of incontinence swimwear features items for men and women, including swimming shorts and swim suits. The purpose of Incontinence Swimwear is to protect against leaks and spills, whilst providing a comfortable, secure fit.

What to remember when swimming with incontinence: Remember if you plan on swimming in a pool, look into proper fitting swim diapers The main purpose of swim diapers is to help with any accidental leakage of bowel material thanks to inner leg cuffs. But be sure to clean up and change yourself if .

Independence Australia carries a range of incontinence swimmers, to support those with incontinence while in the pool, at the beach, or during water aerobic classes. Designed to keep urine and other bodily fluids out of the water you’re swimming in, enabling the wearer to swim in the pool, attend hydrotherapy or go to the beach with confidence.

Mar 06,  · Swim diapers can be worn underneath bathing suits or in conjunction with other incontinence products. For instance, an adult swim diaper can be worn in conjunction with swim briefs (especially in public) that are designed to be worn in a snug Author: Kevin-Cleary.