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If you are interested in something other than learning about a general overview of adult toys and pleasure, sex education classes are another option. My Secret Soiree teaches pleasure-based sex education to adults in a fun and non-threatening way. We make sure that everyone feels welcome and not judged when learning about sex.

If you are unemployed or underemployed it’s reasonable to ask if there is a sliding scale in the fee. Good sexuality information and education shouldn’t be only accessible to people with a lot of disposable income and, hopefully, progressive sex positive organizations will agree.

Mackenzie says the All About M.E. curriculum includes sex education because couples who have satisfying sex lives have stronger, healthier marriages. "When you're talking about adult relationships," she says, "you're talking about sexuality, and when you're talking about sexuality, you're talking about adult relationships.".

Types of Adult Education Classes Whether you are interested in continuing your education to boost your career or simply want to broaden your awareness, adult education classes can prove to be a goldmine of knowledge. People who wish to earn a high school diploma or higher degree can undertake these programs at any stage of their life.